About Us


Our Approach

Those that forget are doomed to repeat. It not necessary to be in fear over pass mistakes. Use them as a reference, as to what not repeat. Share them with others, in attempt to spare them pain!

Our Story

Established in 2008 to honor the memory of Kareem D. Sapp (1988-2007) through community outreach & activities that educate & enlighten our youth.


Meet the Team

Meet the Seasoned Elders of the Kareem D. Sapp Foundation Inc.


Thomas Sapp

Founder & CEO

Father of Kareem D Sapp


Tina Richardson

Vice President

Mother of Kareem D. Sapp

Next Steps...

Please help support our mission and foundation by making a small contribution to the organization to aid our efforts in community outreach and planning. We pledge to use the funds in pursuit of our mission statement and objective.