Our Mission

The mission of the The Kareem D. Sapp Foundation, Inc. is to engage urban youth in activities that enable them to expand their perspectives and to build the self-esteem and self confidence to pursue constructive options for their futures.

Our History

Kareem D. Sapp was an innocent 19 year old who was murdered on December 18, 2007 when he simply went to do a favor for a girl who was only a friend. For months, no one was arrested for Kareem’s murder because none of the many witnesses to this senseless murder were willing to speak to investigators. A Father’s Commitment. Kareem’s death has given birth to the Kareem D. Sapp Foundation that was founded by his father, Thomas Sapp, Jr. It has also galvanized and united citizens, activists, churches, youth and law enforcement in the Long Island communities to take action to stem the tide of violence against our youth. Together, under the leadership of Thomas Sapp, we are keeping the very best of Kareem’s essence alive